Let us tell you a sick tale
Every further step taken Every choice and mistake Every doubt we faced Everyone met or left Every note that we played Still rings out in the head Every “Fuck you” we said Every “Fuck you” we heard Every time stomach hurts Every joy or tear shed All the words we will sing Made this journey begin No one thing left to say No one thing to explain If you walk alongside us You’ll be part of the tale!
Live 10.01.23 - Rock On The Road (Desio - MB) 12.01.23 - Rock On The Road (Senago - MI) 17.02.23 - Ugly Sheep Brewery (Schio - VI) 15.03.23 - Barrio's (Milano) 16.03.23 - Rock On The Road (Senago - MI) 20.03.23 - Hard Rock Cafè (Milano) 28.03.23 - Rock On The Road (Desio - MB) 01.04.23 - Ai Ciliegi (S. Pietro in Cariano - VR) 30.04.23 - Ai Ciliegi (S. Pietro in Cariano - VR) 10.05.23 - The Bank (Monza - MB) 26.05.23 - Pilsgarten Beer Fest (Pavia) 21.06.23 - The Bank (Monza - MB) 24.06.23 - Ruvido Sound (Padova) 01.07.23 - Clamore Festival (Bergamo) 21.07.23 - Rockantina (Inveruno - MI) 06.09.23 - The Bank (Monza - MB) 13.01.24 - Rock On The Road (Desio - MB)
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Sicktale - 2023